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Future Money (free download)

History of Money (free download)

Monetary Reform: Making it Happen (free download)

Creating New Money: A Monetary Reform for the Information Age (free download)

The New Economics of Sustainable Development: A Briefing for Policy Makers (free download)

Transforming Economic Life: A Millennial Challenge (free download)

Beyond the Dependency Culture: People, Power and Responsibility (free download)

Sharing Our Common Heritage: Resource Taxes and Green Dividends (free download)

Future Wealth: A New Economics for the 21st Century (free download)

Future Work: Jobs, Employment and Leisure after the Industrial Age (free download)

The Sane Alternative (free download)

Power, Money and Sex: Towards a New Social Balance (free download)

Profit or People? The New Social Role of Money (free download)

Reform of British Central Government (free download)

Articles etc.

Sharing The Value Of Common Resources: Citizen's Income in a Wider Context

Money From Thin Air

Exploring Northern Rock: The Stone That Must Not Be Left Unturned

Political Economy, Common Resources and a New Global System

Fairer Distribution of Common Resources: the pros and cons of carbon trading

The Future of Money

Free Lunches, Yes: Free Markets, No

The Case for a Tax Shift

After Dependency: Healthy People and Places in the 21st Century

New Opportunities For Social Inclusion: Through Useful and Satisfying Work, Paid and Unpaid

ALTERNATIVES: An alternatives agenda for party politics

Turning Point Papers

The Redistribution of Work

Impressions of the New South Africa

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Other Book Reviews

Redefining Technological Progress

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Health, Wealth and the New Economics - 1985

Socially Directed Investment - 1987

Converging on Local Self-Reliance - 1988

The New Economics of Information - 1989

Where Now, After Texas TOES? - 1990

Seven Years On - 1991

The Economic Teachings of World Faiths - 1992

Global Economic Co-operation and Governance - 1993

Benefits and Taxes: A Radical Strategy - 1994

Financial and Monetary Policies for an Enabling State - 2000

Turning Point 2000

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