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We have a substantial collection of hard-copy correspondence, papers and publications, largely arising from our work from home since the 1970s. There is also some earlier material.

The collection is contained in about 90 boxes, two filing cabinets, two small cupboards, and several drawers. The average size of the boxes is about that of a 12-bottle cardboard wine case, with some boxes larger and others smaller. Quite a few other papers, e.g. on recent and current activities and projects, are not yet boxed and listed.

A provisional classification contains 37 headings and shows the quantity of material existing under each.

There is also an uncatalogued library of books by other authors on a wide range of topics - new paradigms and alternatives in politics, economics, work, health, sustainable development, and other fields.

I would be glad to explore the possibility of eventually donating this archive as research and study material to an appropriate academic or similar organisation. (Some further work would be needed to weed it, sort it, catalogue it, and index it to make it usefully accessible to readers.)

Anyone interested should email me, sending me details of themselves and their organisation, and ask for the list of 37 headings and the breakdown of the material listed under them. 

(For the foreseeable future, we will not be able to meet requests from individual readers for access to items in the hard-copy archive.)