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News from Mexico, 13 February 2009

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From: Luis Lopezllera M
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 14:11:11 -0600
To: James Robertson
Cc: David Korten, Ward Morehouse
Subject: Re: James Robertson Newsletter - G20 Monetary Reform Follow-up

“Thanks dear Jim for providing your key points in this economic megacrisis. Our civilization is dying and something new should emerge giving relief and hope to the new generations.
Here in Mexico we have a wide social network on Solidary Economy ('Ecosol') linked to the World Social Forum. As you know, the WSF (challenging the transnational corporations and submitted governments in Davos) is almost ten years old and continues fostering selfreliant initiatives all around the world.
This year (January 30-31, February 1st) we celebrated in Mexico City a parallel forum linked to the main one in Belem do Pará, Brazil. At least one thousand committed people came during three days discussing and exchanging alternative strategies. In other ten cities we had linked activities. In our tent working on 'economics' we foster the thesis of nationalizing the issuing of new money (you are a stronghold on it) and we put the yellow lights on the next G-20 meeting (April, London). Besides, a National Round Table on Community Currencies was created. Also, the National Citizen's Dividend was discussed and supported. And we think a new wave of THE OTHER Stock Exchange should be put in action.
The people of Mexico is suffering now much more than before. We are involved in the US collapse and our deep Mesoamerican values may help us not only to survive but to mutate the whole.
We will continue on this trend as long as our energies permit. 2009 and 2010 are key years for us (one hundred years of the Mexican Revolution, two hundred years of our Independenc War with Spain).
I share these short lines to common friends in USA like David Korten (thanks David for all your books and YES) and Ward Morehouse (80!). Thanks again for your work, TOES gave light to more than a generation.


My reply.

From: James Robertson
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 11:07:12 +0000
To: Luis Lopezllera M
Cc: David Korten, Ward Morehouse
Subject: Re: James Robertson Newsletter - G20 Monetary Reform Follow-up

Dear Luis,

Thank you for the wonderful news about all you are doing.  

It is very encouraging in general and for the specific possibility that via Ecosol and WSF you may be able to bring urgent pressure on the Mexican government as a member of the G20 - and also on the governments of other countries where Ecosol and WSF are particularly active - to press for monetary reform to be included in the G20 April agenda. If its inclusion only resulted in the heads of government and finance ministers getting their officials to find out what monetary reform is about and report back to them about the practicalities of introducing it nationally and internationally, that would be progress!

We must continue to keep in touch.

Very best wishes.



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