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Newsletter No. 31a - July 2010

This is a PS to Newsletter 31. Links to that and other Newsletters can be found here.

I hope that many UK readers will give high priority to supporting these two new developments.

1 . The Proposed Bank of England Act. Please add a comment supporting Gillian Swanson's request to the UK's Coalition Government at

It is not yet widely understood that the government now unnecessarily gives the commercial banks the privilege of creating almost all the national supply of money as interest-bearing debt - at great profit to themselves and great cost to the country and its citizens. This clearly conflicts with this government's claim in the Coalition's Programme for Government to be "a strong, progressive coalition inspired by the values of freedom, fairness and responsibility".

The proposed Act would transfer to the Bank of England - as an operationally independent nationalised agency responsible to government and Parliament - the function of creating new money free of debt, to be spent into circulation by the government in the public interest.

2. The Call4Reform Student Conference in London on Sat 18th-Sun 19th September will also be about the need for this reform. Please click here to see why it is especially important for students, and for practical details of the conference.

If you are a student, you should try to go to the conference. If you are not a student, please pass on the information about it to any students you know (or any parents of students).

Best wishes to all.


James Robertson

29th July 2010