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Newsletter No. 36 - April 2012

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My new book FUTURE MONEY: Breakdown or Breakthrough? has now been published by Green Books -

Printed copies may be ordered through the Green Books link above. A pdf download of the book is available to subscribers of my Newsletter. You can subscribe here.

The book will be distributed in the US and Canada by Chelsea Green later in the year.

You can read the endorsements the book has received here -

The book looks at how our present money system frustrates the well-meaning efforts of active citizens, NGOs and governments to deal with our present ills and problems – including worldwide poverty, environmental destruction, social injustice, economic inefficiency and political unrest and violence.

It shows clearly how our money system operates and how it could be reformed so that it acts for the benefit of people and society rather than the opposite, and describes the obstacles that currently prevent that reform.

The world’s financial experts and leaders in politics, government and business, and most mainstream academic and media commentators, have demonstrated that they are not yet able or willing to diagnose and treat the profound and pervasive problems that are directly caused by the money system.

Therefore it is necessary for independent-minded citizens to take the initiative now – and urgently – to get the reform of the money system on to mainstream agendas worldwide.

A Feature of the Book to Note

The primary aim of the book is to enable concerned people to consider how each of us can help to bring about a comprehensive modernisation of the world's money system.

But the book can also serve an important secondary purpose. Together with the entries in Appendix 2, the references in the footnotes to the main texts will provide material for courses on adapting the money system to a survivable future. We can usefully draw the attention of interested teachers in schools, universities, business schools, and other educational institutions to that opportunity.


James Robertson

19 April 2012