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G20 Monetary Reform 2009 - Action Needed

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It's vital that people in all the G20 countries should act urgently to:

  • to mobilise pressure on their governments by early March to include national and international monetary reform in their April agenda, and

  • to achieve widespread media coverage in their countries about why those reforms are necessary.

That can be done through many channels. They include writing and other ways of communicating:

  • to the politicians who represent us in our legislatures;

  • to the press and broadcasting media;

  • to NGOs that support our concern for development, social justice, environment, ethical economics, or any of the numerous causes that suffer from how the present money system works;

  • to other people able to do any of these things themselves; and

  • by speaking at meetings about those concerns.

If you are a UK citizen, please consider signing the petition on the Number 10 website requesting Gordon Brown to include international and national monetary reform on the G20 agenda. More information here.

How can NGOs channel pressure through to the G20 organisers to discuss national and international monetary reform at their April meeting? Some combination of the following may be needed:

  • a national NGO network talking to their own government and then their own government talking to the UK government (which is hosting the meeting).

  • or an international group of like-minded NGOs talking to the UK government and each separately talking to their own governments,

  • either of those being supported by good media coverage of what is being attempted.

Please feel free to use any information from the campaign document to help you put across the case for monetary reform.